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This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


Mighty collage

There are awesome things to be found at Joe Castro's shop, but his collage work is absolutely stunning. His ideas and inventiveness know no boundaries! I love this milk collage but you really should see all his great designs. BTW, his non-collage work is great too, as that clever t-shirt below comes to prove:
Joe is a man of many talents (artist, musician, designer and filmmaker) and operates out of Philadelphia. You can find more about him in his website.


Free and beautiful

How come this vibrant painting of a young girl with an umbrella walking on the streets of Dublin reminds me so much of summer? Well, I guess it's the colors. This explosion of warm, glorious colors balancing with the subtler, cooler hues that transform the image into a dreamy walk towards the seaside.
This is an exquisite poster from Nerosunero, the store that showcases the great work of Mario Sughi -an Italian illustrator living in Dublin.
Dancing print
Dancing by nerosunero
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His vivid style is said to bring back memories of David Hockney but I think (looking at the sexy "Dancing" poster) that there is a trace of good old Milo Manara in there, too. All this namedropping can be quite unfair: Mario's artwork conveys a unique flavor and his good-looking people and psychedelic landscapes form his own, distinctive universe. An enchanting, sensual universe that gets richer by a hidden sadness and a nostalgic touch. That's the material life -and summers- are made of!


Time for something fishy

When it comes to designs and products about fishing, fishes and nautical activities, FishT's is the king. The variety of sea goodies found in this shop is amazing. You may find lots of stylish things here, as this fine, nautilus tote bag comes to prove.
Summer is a freediver's paradise and a good time to show off with this yellow t-shirt, or you could just hang around with a remarkable largemouth head exploding on your back like a crazed maritime alien -well, I can't help but noticing the surreal side of things!
If sea is your thing, give FishT's a break and you'll be pleasantly  surprised.


Not grumpy at all

This gem of a grumpy face makes one of the best black and white t-shirts out there! Funny, expressive and really unique. It comes from Vonster,  a source for stunning design and illustration.
Thug Bunny shirt
Thug Bunny by vonster
Many more tee designs available on
It's full of strong, innovative stuff that just begs to be worn and glorify your torso. Picking favorites is not an easy job here!
Last Daze shirt
Last Daze by vonster
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Symbolism, pop culture gone wild, urban logos, all merge into awesomeness under Von Glitschka's talent. The artist also maintains a rocking website called Illustration Class, full of tutorials, ideas, guides and exercises about illustration and design. It's a url that will stay on my links forever!
Do yourself a favor and check both the store and the website. Treasures like these you don't find every day!


Dinamo Futurista

Youth, speed, technology, power, change and violence were the key words of Futurism, an artistic and social movement that swept Italy in the beginning of the 20th century. It's founder and powertrain was the writer Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, whose influence is celebrated in this magnificent print by artist and designer Simone Poletti. You'll find it in his DINAMO store, alongside many great designs (mostly futuristic-inspired).
Strong work, full of dynamism, that gives a modern look an the style that sculpted the work of such diverse people as Sant'Elia, Mayakovsky, Malevitch and Tsukamoto (not to mention the cyberpunk movement!).

[Many Italian futurists, including Marinetti himself, were supporters of fascism. This stance, however, did not characterize the whole movement and it certainly doesn't apply to non-Italian Futurists. The irony was that Fascism finally decided -just like Russian Communism did- that modern art was degenerate, and the life and work of all kinds of futurists and modern artists would come to suffer.]


Figures in between

Between life and death? Heaven and hell maybe, or even good and evil? It could mean between different states of consciousness but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that this is a hauntingly great painting by Jaime Zatloukal Best, a very talented lady.These abstract figures showcase her fine work and could look great on your desk. Check her store for more surreal art!


Up and away

This postcard features a splendid photograph with the Space Shuttle Discovery beginning the STS 102 mission at sunrise. This strangely poetic picture comes from the photographer Brian Cleary. It's really striking and reminds me of the exquisite images that the Hipgnosis design group used to put on album covers back in the '70s.


Floating bunny

July is here and I just found a t-shirt that conveys a dreamlike, summer feeling. It's a bunny dreaming about floating in a donut (yep, we keep it surreal enough for you!), the colors are great, the camera angle is delicious and the idea is made to have you smiling all summer long!
The artist is Max Estes, and the design is from his My life as a Bunny product line.
Max Estes Print print
Max Estes Print by maxestes
See more posters at
As you can see his talent makes things seem simple but his art is far from it. His work is solidly based on great sense of colors and a fine balance of forms. Most of all, it makes my eyes happy and gives my mind space to breath. Kudos, Max!
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