Watchman's Note

This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


Mondo weird

Being a fan of old kitschy b-movies I couldn't help but adore this old school design that gets it's inspiration from 60s b-movie posters. You've got your semi-nude girl, your psychedelic typeface and the concentric cycles to make your eyes hurt plus a title that promises weirdness. What else would you want, right?
Well, you might want all these on a great Speck iPad case... The ultimate shop for vintage goodness, Black and White Only, just took care of it. Ain't it groovy?


Fat cap hoodie

A fat cap is a special nozzle for a spray paint can that widens the spray area. It's widely used by graffiti artists and it's the inspiration for the great pop art design that gives a unique flavor to this black hoodie.
Blue, bold, minimal, symbolic: the perfect introduction to TogaOne , an artist with a fresh and strong style. I bet we'll be hearing more about him soon so you'd better go and check him out now!



Thank God for the limitless imagination of dadaist artists! I love this amazing contraption and the mind exploding weirdness of this mouse pad. My surreality detector is wildly beep-beeping with this design from Articulation.


Craftsmanship photography

I don't post about photography as much as I would like too. The reason might be that it's not often I find something as inspiring as this splendid black and white shot of a shoeshiner at work. Great photo, in the classic tradition of the old masters, from Maurizio Merisi and his ARTigiani Project -an effort to depict the techniques and the stories of craftsmen and artisans from around the world.


Mr.Wolf & Mr.Tapir

Mr.Wolf is slowly dressing himself for dinner in this hilarious t-shirt from Squirrell. There is a smart, subtle sense of humor in the way this artist perceives the world. Sometimes sweet and tender, sometimes with darker undertones but always with graceful intelligence. The animal cartoons are top-notch!

Plus, this may well be the only place in the web where you may find one of the most under-represented animals in the universe of apparel design: a tapir! Indeed, it's such a gentle drawing that makes you feel sad for all those run-of-the-mill animal shirts out there. They don't know what they're missing!



A wild eye in shoes and a derby hat runs with his... tongue out! Crazy enough for you? If not, I should point out the little wings that grow from his sides. All these and more on this cool brown shirt that carries the trippy, hippie, underground comic's style from the 60s and early 70s.

It's one of the many great designs and products you will find on KBill TV, a shop that will take you by surprise!


Skeletons wanted

Simple, bold colors, strong forms and a great idea: this is one of the best tote bags I've seen! This creepy skeleton is wanted -no need to add "dead or alive", is there?- and Maggie, from Zazzle Holidays, created a winner in this seriously wanted canvas bag. I've discovered it amongst this shop's countless holiday designs.


The Tarot phone

This expressionistic ink drawing is an almost nightmarish version of tarot's Hanged Man card. Placed brilliantly in an iPhone 4 case, seems to tell a story of life and death. The skeletal figure is affecting and dramatic. The artist is Fabio Sanna, a graphic designer and illustrator, whose bold and vivid style has a dark undertone that suits my taste!


Psychedelic nature

I don't know whether this pretty iPad case is hallucinogenic as it's title implies, but I can tell you that this great illustration caught my attention! I discovered it in Rupy de Tequila store, the place were Ruth Fitta-Schulz showcases her amazing digital art. Rita has a rare sense of color and an imagination that brings forth playful childhood images.

It's difficult to decide on favorites from her amazing store. I could point out, though, that she has a special talent for unique, unprecedented Keds shoes designs, like this Dark Fruits beauty. Do check out her artwork: I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised!


The bird bag

You don't have to be a birdwatcher to appreciate this tote bag with the pretty, intricate ink drawing of birds on a tree. I like the subdued, sepia color and the fine details of this design.
I found it in Country Garden,  a store dedicated to nature and country cottage gardens, with a wide variety of serene watercolors and drawings. What does serenity have to do with Surreality Watch, you might ask. Well, we all have to catch our breath every once in a while, don't we? And Cathie Richardson's work is like an open window: it lets the fresh air in!


You are The New Black

It's time to present with the latest of my typography projects, the New Black design. What is the new black? According to trendsetters it's something new every season -then again, nothing ever becomes the "new" black, the... old one is doing fine, thank you very much!

According to me, it's a way to be sarcastic to the trendies and/or to signify that you (meaning: each individual) make personal choices that may well be the exact opposite of a new fad. Every one of us is the "new black" and none of us is, because we are not a herd and our tastes are diverse.

I put that in text, in bold lettering combined with thin drawn lines -unfortunately they can't be seen in the small previews- in what I believe to be a striking but simple design. You can see the stuff it's applied to in the New Black section of Surreality store. Enjoy, and do tell me your opinion.

Hey, dickhead!

A rockin', crazy and hilarious character decorates today's featured skateboard! It's one of the true gems you'll find in Dickcherry's store, created by an artist whose artwork and illustrations help form the current zeitgeist. His work has been used by Pixar, Tinsley Studios and countless rock musicians. Browse his store and you'll know why: his imagination runs amok, powered by his great talent.

Dickcherry's use of color is impressive but I fell in love with this black and white poster. Check him out and I'm sure you too will find something to get excited about!


Headaches in Yorkshire

Does Yorkshire really hide a three headed monster like this hairy, improbable creature on the shirt above? Is it so big and funny as this great cartoon by Ben Fellowes? I've never been there, so the answer eludes me, but I've been to Ben's store and I can testify that his artwork is amazing. Wild, humorous, grotesque, scary, gritty designs that look great on t-shirts and posters.

Just look at the strength he puts in just one color! The expressive Headache design may well be my favorite, but there's many more where these beauties came from.


Of sights unseen

Mysterious, poetic, dreamlike, strange, philosophical. These are the words I would use to describe this unique card from Understated Junkyard Extravaganza, a shop that -far from being a junkyard- offers a different view on things.
Their cards look like a daydream. Their products are not products, they are small surreal fragments whose copies you may buy.


No sex today

Yesterday I saw this magnificent invitation, with the onion peel photograph and the epic No Sex Today motto. On the back it simply says "customize me". Yes, it's a customizable invitation but I wouldn't change a thing: the photo, the motto and the "customize me" proposal form a splendidly absurd -yet, artful- concept.
God bless the Vivendulies store (and Silke Schümann, the artist), this design made my day!
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