Watchman's Note

This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


Mysterious monkey

Smokin Monkey speckcase

How about the coolest monkey illustration for your iPhone 4 skin? The simian dude is smartly dressed, smokes his cigarette and wears his sunglasses even amidst the nocturnal ambiance of this surrealistically noir painting. The artist is Michael Cook of Cookies Fortune, where animals tend to behave in all kinds of unexpected ways!


Zazzle dresses your walls

The long-awaited revamp on Zazzle's prints and posters seems to be finally here! Zazzle introduces new, exciting features that will surprise sellers and customers alike:
  • Real professional photography prints
  • Wrapped canvas prints
  • Standard and custom framing
  • A complete makeover of posters tool
And that's not all: Giclée Prints (one of the most precise methods of reproducing fine art) are soon to be available!
At last, Zazzle's prints and posters enter a new era and I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.


New iPod Touch cases available from Zazzle

Great news for all designers! Zazzle is now offering custom iPod Touch Speck cases.
You can learn all about it (and maybe create your own) in Zazzle's iPod Touch page.


Dead Mickey on board

Dead Mouse skateboard
Summer. The perfect time for blissful afternoon skating. The laughing skeleton of a very famous mouse wearing the distinct clothes: the perfect design for a surreal (and slightly dark) skateboard.

This weird concept of a dead Mickey Mouse came from Evilive Produkts, Juan Pollo's creative outlet for interesting, imaginative gifts and products. You'll like what you'll find there!
If you speak Spanish you'll probably appreciate his Porn-O-Graffix blog, too. Me, I could only enjoy the design and the music.


Kant's Maxim and Nixon

Nixon Apron apron

Nixon and apron are two words I wouldn't consider putting together. But here they are, in this amazing concept from HeideGear, a shop created from two philosophy students. They playfully mix philosophic concepts with irony (with some good old absurdism thrown in) and the results are amazing!

Universalizing Maxim print

The Nixon apron is great, but have a look at this magazine-like poster! The references in the titles are priceless. Their artwork is one of the coolest things ever made out of the crooked timber of humanity!


Bare bones t-shirt

This t-shirt features a minimal, intriguing design that looks almost like a riddle. I love the contrast between the soft colored circle and the strength of the hip bone image.
The designer is Rory Wilson, and he came up with one of the best (and strangest) concepts I've seen in a quite some time!


Surrealitee's Doodle speakers

I'm proud to present you with Surrealitee's Doodle speakers.
Zazzle offers this product for about a month and they're quite a gadget: Ultra portable, good sound for the size and a treat to the eye! I'm posting some thumbnails here but there's more -and, hopefully, I'll be soon adding quite a few.

Mod Trilby Doodle speaker doodleTriad I Doodle speaker doodleFight Lady Doodle speaker doodle
Emperor Norton Doodle speaker doodleChrysanthemum I Doodle speaker doodleSee the Fnord Doodle speaker doodle
Due to a rather hectic timetable (i.e. me being really lazy...), it took me some time to decide which designs would fit this interesting medium. Do check them out and tell me what you think.


Helvetica, the neue black

Graphic designers and font lovers will appreciate this humorous homage to Helvetica (especially the Neue Helvetica font family, which brought the much-loved typeface to the modern era). It's a simple text design that tells it like it is!
I found this t-shirt on Busted Nut Designs and I couldn't resist the temptation! It's smart, funny and (hey!) it's about Helvetica.


The 036 Bureaucracy Western

This is a smart (and hilarious) short film made by Juan Fernando Andrés Parrilla and Esteban Roel García Vázquez from Panama. It was a finalist on the Jameson Notodo FilmFest.
We all have faced bureaucracy and we can fully sympathize with the determined heroine. Way to go, blondie!
[And kudos to both actors. They offer the best shoot out an office has ever seen!]


The alien tentacled eyeball

Watch this alien eyeball unfold its tentacles, on a great t-shirt designed by the talented D.Silva! It's menacing, yet graceful. This surreal monster looks like it's moving, bobbing slowly up and down before executing an unexpected, swift movement.
D.Silva's designs seem to have a life of their own, a strange tendency to leave their canvas and roam freely among us (well, that would be the stuff nightmares are made of!). He is inspired by tattoos, comics, punk, graffiti, steampunk, video games and animals, and his imagination absorbs them and creates pure gems.

It's not the first time he is featured here (there was this Screaming Flowers post, some time ago) and the reason is obvious: His shop is a must see!


Ground control to Major Tom

We've lost the signal connecting us with the astronaut designed on this Doodle Speaker and the effect is cool yet, somehow, eerie. I like the TV bars on the helmet's face and the subdued colors on this fine design by 785Tees, a store with a wide variety of great concepts on tees, prints and other goodies!


Mona Lisa de los muertes

Well designed cultural mash-up: Mona Lisa, propaganda poster style, the Mexican Dia de los Muertes, plus a hint of the kind of artwork Deadheads love (sorry for the pun: I was thinking about Grateful Dead fans!).
Great postcard from kBill TV, a store with novelty items that take a step beyond the usual!

If La Muerta Lisa is not proof enough, well, maybe this stoner Jack will convince you about kBill's strange sense of humor!
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