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This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


A gentleman from Denmark

There is no limit to people's surreal creativity. Look at this eye-popping fridge magnet picturing a Great Dane. It's pure pop madness -of the dog loving, sartorially inspired, kind! I absolutely need this for my fridge and I know where to get it: Ada Birk's Doggenhaus, the shop where dog designs fraternize with vibrant colors.


A strange roller coaster

Every time I take a look at Aurélien Police's shop I'm left speechless and awestruck. This great French artist has a way of mixing scifi, fantasy, cuberpunk, gothic and symbolism that transcends the norms. There is always a story to be told through his art, a small detail that takes all this eye-candy and gives it a profound dimension. Look at the center of this gloomy poster: see the wagons falling?
This ominous postcard has it's secrets, too. The decrepit interchange is a strong image but what sets it apart is the rope hanging above the highway. It hints of human despair, madness and solitude. It oozes humanity! That's what sets Aurélien apart and makes me come back to his work again and again. I'm sure you will feel the same way once you look deeper.
If his shop is not enough (and, I guarantee, it is not!) there is always his website, full of amazing artwork.


Iron Tesla-man

This is quite interesting. These guys perform Black Sabbath's Iron Man, using Tesla coils as guitar amp. The result gives a whole new -crazy- meaning to electric guitar. You've got to love the metal suits and gloves!
All you Tesla minded could also check out this old gem -while waiting for a brand new post concerning your beloved magnificent Serb.



Nihonjin 2.0 shirt
Nihonjin 2.0 by resolute74
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What attracts me to this t-shirt is the balance of the design between graffiti and architecture. The artist, CODAC, walks a fine line by mixing the grittiness of street art with a structured, minimalistic sense of space. His talent makes it look easy but it's not. Such a graceful piece of art!


Vita brevis

This beautiful, moody piece brings a new vigor to the ancient memento mori tradition -that is, artwork that reminds us of mortality and inspires us to have a more serious approach to our life and choices. The strange female figure seems to float while holding a skull and the light is simply amazing!
I found this great poster at Aegis Strife, the shop that showcases the art of Mario Sánchez Nevado (aka Aégis). Mario is a master of strong symbolism, grotesque concepts and exquisite skill.

Masochistic Artist print
Masochistic Artist by Aegis_Strife
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Mixed techniques, rich textures and a splendid sense of color and light source make him a unique artist and illustrator. So don't be shy and cover your walls with his surreal imaginings: life's too short to resist such an eerie temptation!


The subtle delights of cloudswinging

This surreal concept is laid back and dreamy. I love the calm feeling and the sense of freedom it gives. It was a pleasure to create and I was lucky enough that it got noticed and awarded as one of September 16th's best among the thousands of products that see the light of day at Zazzle.
This silhouetted man that swings from the skies is quite minimal and graceful, if you ask me, and it works just as good on a t-shirt as on the parallelogram format of paper stuff. You can find it in the Cloudswinger section of Surreality -don't be shy, have a look!

And here's a little something to convince you that it's great even without the angles! Not bad for a design that started as an offshoot of something with a really different mood and approach.


Skating lesson on war

You could not expect a generic, run-of-the-mill skate deck from an unconventional artist like Erla Maria.She's wild and likes to play with strange imagery. War kid is compelling -and I do believe it's yoyoing days are over. This kid's open skull left a strong impression on mine. Not for the squeamish...


Flying over New Babbage

New Babbage, the magnificent steampunk city in Second Life is the place where steampunk-minded people from around the world gather to roleplay and create imaginative technology extravaganzas. This fine poster celebrates the city's second annual Airship Regatta that took place at the beginning of 2010. It's a great souvenir from the real life surrealism of having strange and unique worlds to explore (and, in a way, to inhabit) right at your fingertips. Plus, who doesn't love airships?!
You can find this print -and many others- in Steamweaver General Merchandise, the ultimate shop for all things concerning New Babbage. The designer and shop-owner comes by the name of Aeolus Cleanslate, which is really distinguished for an avatar if you ask me.


Redesigning the webs

404 error print
404 error by retrofuturs
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I felt the need for some solid and inventive graphic design, something that could balance neat typography and clean looks with gritty, biting passion.I found it in retrofuturs, a store with splendid posters and t-shirts. The first thing that caught my eye is this 404 error design. I'm interested in visualizing internet standards and error codes (some of you may remember my own endeavors on Real Error 403) and this one is a true work of art!

Then I saw those great web service designs and I got hooked. Great ideas, weird imagery and craftsmanship characterize all retrofuturs work.

I you'd like to taste more of this beautiful, organized madness go the store (and, please, get me this semicolon print while you're at it, OK?) and then visit the remarkable retrofuturs website.


The game tightens

Game Tight Print/Poster print
Game Tight Print/Poster by 40ozcomics
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Great artwork here, by the multitalented Jim Mahfood and his 40oz store. A bold illustration, with a boxer as the main character, that showcases his comic book experiences. I love the lines and the color combination. Jim's work is tense and vibrant and you should really check his great blog , too -many fine sketches to be found there.


Oh, the hipness of it all...!

Now, where does one start to describe this unbelievable design? For once I'm at a loss for words, so I'll just quote the words of it's creator:
A part-man part-dog hipster. His green singlet like shirt features a double rainbow and the words "What does it mean?". Over the top of his turned up stovepipe blue jeans, he has a pink tutu like skirt. Under one arm is the mounted head of a white unicorn. He also has on a pair of yellow diving flippers and a pair of thick rimmed glasses.
Can you picture someone writing these words straight-faced? It seems that Lee Leplaw Deichmann, the artist behind the great Lee Lee and the Bee store, has tons of weird humor. It's not just the awe-inspiring surreality of this postcard. There are plenty of other unique designs to prove my point:
Imagine shopping around with this bag (aptly named Shrunken Head Dilemma). I do. Things like that change lives, folks! Lee's imagination and talent is one of a kind.


Digital Halloween

Halloween Bot t-shirt shirt
Halloween Bot t-shirt by surrealitee
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This roundish little fellow is a kind of digital-looking jack-o'-lantern, it's trying to be a bit scary and I believe it's a Halloween bot -whatever that is! Maybe it's an autonomous entity spreading the Halloween spirit through the internets. Anyway, it's mine (my first design after a four month hiatus) and it can be yours, too. Just check my Surreality store and be ready for the most stylish October of your surreal life!
The colors for the stripes come from the old Samhain tradition: black, orange, white, deep yellow (for gold) and gray (for silver). So, you see, there is the pagan past combined with modern aesthetics -blah, blah and blah... Just get it now, will ya?


The dead among us

For some, the '70s was the decade of the decline of the hippie culture, the rise of neoliberalism, the oil crisis, disco music or, maybe, the first PCs. For others it was the time when the recently deceased roamed the earth feeding on the flesh of the terrified living. Blame it on George A. Romero, the director that shaped the ghouls to come with his Night of the Living Dead in 1968 and, in 1978, created his most powerful zombie attack ever with the legendary Dawn of the Dead.
Fans are well-versed in the importance of the Monroeville Mall in the film and I'm sure they will appreciate this great ringer- shirt that pays homage to Romero's dark social comment. Being a fan myself, I was glad to discover this cool design from GritFX, a store with a keen eye for TV and Movie culture, strange humor and overall delicious weirdness!
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