Watchman's Note

This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


Total Eclipse of the Heart torpedoed

You just have to see this to believe it. Hurra Torpedo is a Norwegian band, dressed in ill-fitting jogging suits, that uses kitchen appliances in the role of percussion (well, they probably have the best deep freeze player in the world!).
When you're surreal enough, fame will come your way. Hurra Torpedo's crazy cover of Bonnie Tyler's Total eclipse of the heart spread as a meme on fire and came to show the world that weird, underground humor and applied surrealism can get you far. Provided you find people like yours truly to appreciate all this madness, of course!


Red sun

This superb black t-shirt carries a great painting (by French artist Frederik Bellanger ) called Soleil Rouge (Red Sun). It's a beautiful abstract with spray painting details that remind me of graffiti. The fine balance of the sunset colors he uses and the honeycomb motif are irresistible!
Frederic's art is pop-influenced and the spraying gives it a contemporary, urban flair, but I think that he goes a lot further than just being cool. Check his store and you'll find a great talent.


Ink away

Here is a letterhead you don't see every day! A playful illustration of this little guy spreading ink with his huge pen gives a unique touch to your writing. I do believe that good old snail mail still has an ace up it's sleeve, since it's a far more personal way to communicate -especially with friends who appreciate the time and effort put in creating an interesting letter. This letterhead by TLChurch is funny and unusual enough to keep things cool in your hand-written world.


The bird and the mummy

This t-shirt by Amrendra (created by Saksham, an artist from India) feels like a breath of fresh air. It's imaginative and tender -in a strange sort of way! I particularly like the origami birds offered by the silhouetted vendor. This store offers many unusual designs.
Another favorite is this sexy mummy. Unique and inventive in just one color. Great t-shirts for people with good taste!


Mythos revisited

The Innsmouth Look postcard
The Innsmouth Look by CthulhuCthulhu
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I'm talking about Cthulhu Mythos of course, the brilliant legacy of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and the strange designs it inspires.
Let's start with this totally surreal, pseudo-photograph by CthulhuCthulhu, a store dedicated to cthulhian creepiness. Have you ever wondered why there was nothing in the family album about the obscure Innsmouth branch? This unique postcard gives you the answer! This amphibian-looking fellow may well be Captain Obed Marsh himself -and slightly reminiscent of Captain Beefheart's Trout mask replica album cover.
The style of Scythemantis is quite different. His work is cartoonish and playful, paying an imaginative homage to the Great Race of Yith. Do these yithian tentacles hold the Pnakotic Manuscripts? Scythemantis's work is well-versed and rich in details so I guess the answer is yes.

Finally, I should remind you to check this older post about Bradley W.Schenck's magnificent work at Ars Celtica. Some of the best Mythos-inspired artwork lurks there, sleeping but not dead!



Direct? Practical? Actively participating? Or just a physical intimacy fan?
This funny design may point to any of these, but what matters is that it's unusual and bears the mark of the great illustrations found on Digital Jelly.Extrovert, wild, almost psychedelic, these t-shirts are not for the timid -but they are perfect for those who appreciate their playfulness and beauty!


Monkey business

Whatever shirt
Whatever by matthewdunnart
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A monkey girl (70s styled) looks at a guinea pig: a cultural mashup in pink! This exquisite piece of work comes from Matthew Dunn, an artist with great ideas and a strange sense of humor -just what the doctor ordered!
His art is strongly based on comics (just look at the camera angle of this design!) but doesn't stop exploring new styles and concepts. I love his illustrations, his colors and -most of all- his surreal view on things!


Broken and afraid

Love lost, heartbreak expressed right on the skin of the city. Someone poured his heart out, adding another personal story on the urban landscape, and Rob Greenleaf was there to capture the feeling with this splendid photo.
Rob's photography and fine sense of composition are used to make statements and tell stories. It's not just about postcards, cards and other useful products, it's about focusing on life and sharing the things you see. Overall, a great artist and a great store!
If you're already drooling for more, you should go visit Rob's blog, too.



Focus shirt
Focus by BlakkDesignz
t-shirts made by Zazzle
This modern, halftone eye design is really cool on a black t-shirt. Simple and intriguing. Found on Blakk Designz, created by Jonathan Parsons, it's both motivational and disquieting!


Attack of the Burramundi

Flock of Burramundi mousepad
Flock of Burramundi by kerryone
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Look at these little devils descending like a squadron of Stukas on your desk! They are the fabulous Burramundi (though they look like cute flying piranhas to me) made by artist Kerry One, and they look great indeed. Nothing's better than a flock of awesome, colorful... somethings on a blue sky to cheer you up.



This is a really neat design that makes for a unique skateboard. Behold an exquisite King, based on player cards tradition (he seems to be the King of Spades, even though he is red), riding a bicycle, of all things!
I found this stylish deck on Brand New Intention, alongside other great designs, and it sure caught my surreality-seeking eye. It's a collaboration with artist Bucky Lastard, a really talented guy with an interesting blog -and a name to remember!


Doomed expedition

Do you remember when you took part in that Miscatonic University's expedition in Australia, back in '35?
You know, the one that stumbled upon ancient ultra-dimensional beings that caused havoc and destruction? No?
Well, that's the way our mind works. It strives to help us forget some traumatic memories. But ole H.P. Lovecraft has written all about it, and Propnomicon made this fine, distressed design to commemorate it!
Or you might remember the Antarctic expedition of 1930, that took us to the Mountains of Madness... Propnomicon is the Zazzle store of the Propnomicon blog, a real treasure for all Lovecraftian props you could wish for. Both the store and the blog are a dream come true for all Cthulhu mythos connoisseurs!


Gioconda of the streets

The colors on this mousepad are amazing. So is the concept behind this Mona Lisa graffiti, found in the streets of London by the photographer of Lamrock Images.A curator of urban landscape, handpicking street art shrapnel with a keen eye and unique sensitivity.
He captures graffiti and curiosities with a great sense of composition, giving us strange and poetic snapshots. Sometimes the art is already there to be spotted. Even then, it gets transformed into something more crucial and intense. In this store you won't find just apparel, prints and pretty gifts. You'll find the soul of a city.
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