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This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


Nude and raw

Great artwork from Mark Mellon in the small format of a greeting card. A watercolor of a nude woman, made in bold strokes and the vividness of black, white and red. I love the red mark on her solar plexus.

Mark's art is unexpected, strange and raw. It leaves a taste of instinct and urgency. Go check him out: you'll be surprised!


Voodoo on

I seem to have developed quite a taste for voodoo designs lately. Maybe it's the fascinating mixture of occult, intense imagery, religious syncretism and multicultural influences that cause lots of strange and beautiful things to happen. A fine example is Denise Alvarado's work for the Voodoo Butik store.

Both the the wild-eyed voodoo dolls of the postcard and the mysterious collage on the bookplate showcase  folk art's dynamism and voodoo's unique flavor of spirituality. Check the store for more colorful artwork!

Alien vs Pooh

Have you ever thought about what would happen to if Winnie the Pooh stumbled upon an Alien infestation? Well, the good people over at Godxiliary have! In Hundred Acre Wood no one can hear you scream...
This is an astonishing cultural mashup, folks, and you'd better enjoy it. Things like that don't happen every day, you know!


Woodoo hoodoo

This cartoon totemic character is the creation of Exitman, a French artist whose style is a powerful mixture of voodoo imagery, graffiti stylization, urban edge and ethnic elements. Mysticism and cool design combined in a monkey "voodoo child".

This one pictures a Black Magic Rabbit, in a colorful explosion in red that many apparel designers would envy. There are amazing t-shirts in this store and I'm sure I'll be coming back for more!


A taste for soap

Eat Soap Shit Bubbles Wackiest Funny shirt
Eat Soap Shit Bubbles Wackiest Funny by Piratesvsninjas
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Is this an attitude t-shirt? A high school joke or an attempt to create a meme? I'm not sure, but it has a certain charm, like a surreal prophecy made by an oracle with a wacky sense of humor. It certainly is a design for those bold enough to appreciate the absurd and eccentric. It could prove to be a crazy equivalent to "as you sow, so shall you reap". And I like it!
You'll find this, among countless humorous and meme-themed designs, in Pirates vs Ninjas store.


Saving people, one molecule at a time

I wouldn't expect to find a t-shirt that mixes religion and chemistry but, over time, I've come to accept that people leave no stones unturned in their strife to find unique concepts. A nanojesus on a molecular cross is rather unique, don't you think?
This is a one-of-a kind mixture of science imagery and humorous approach to Christianity by the hands (and the brains!) of Kyle Finchingmate, a chemist with quite a few artistic ideas.


Fire and brimstone

Today's find is a delicious canvas tote bag that features an ink-drawing of an erupting volcano, skillfully done by Artberry. Lava, ashes, molten rock (plus, some trees and a small house that have every reason to worry!), all in eye-catching red vividness. The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull inspired this artwork and it really conveys the force of nature at play, while maintaining it's pop art qualities. Great job!


The hype

Hype shirt
Hype by bbqsource
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It should be obvious, but somehow it isn't: Don't believe the hype. It probably has to do with something engraved deep in the mammalian brain, the need to conform, to do what the flock does, to be aligned with the trends of the masses. Well, this t-shirt reminds you that there are machinations you shouldn't fall victim to.
The pleasant colors and good typography of this design, created by BBQ Source, help to get the message through!


A man is a flower

This may well be the weirdest t-shirt I've seen. Watch the surreality levels rise: a man with an orchid for a head meditates in a lotus position while levitating above a carpet. Exquisite eccentricity from a true master, J. Riddle of Gallery Bizarre. Nothing stops his imagination from running wild with dreams and nightmares, using sketches, paintings or mixed media. This store is hot!


The ghost in the machine

Freaky speckcase
Freaky by tnmpastperfect
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A pretty face, serious and intense. Most probably, belonging to a woman who paid Charon's fare a long time ago. On a dark, solemn background.
What on earth made TnM Past Perfect's MarShelle to make an iPad case out of this one? I may never find the answer but I tell you this, folks: I love it! It's dark, it's beautiful, it's weird and reminds me of yesteryear's séances. This case will enshroud your precious gadget with a gothic aura and her eyes will leave those around you speechless.


Words of wisdom

A simple text poster that tells it like it is (from our beloved absurdist point of view, at least). And, for those who need a reminder at arm's length:

For more non-mediocre propaganda, check more fOOLPOOf here.


Obama pops

In times of increased political hoopla it's very common to see countless designs featuring the faces and/or names of politicians. Most of these designs are rubbish but every now and then someone comes up with a true gem.

That's the case with this t-shirt that popifies President Barack Obama in a simple, striking manner. I've been waiting for a politically neutral time to present you with this one, and I think it captures the very mechanisms that transform a man into a cultural phenomenon. He may not prove to be as long-lasting as Che, but then again who is? (Except Elvis, Mickey Mouse and Lenin, of course!)

Kudos to Chris Jackson (you'll find this t-shirt on his Siegeworks store) for taking the spirit of the times and adding some glitter to it!


Afro-Cthulhu disturbing peace

This is a truly unprecedented Cthulhu reference! John Jennings summoned his great talent and came up with a remarkable afro cthulhoid -while avoiding the hideous "cute Cthulhu" rubbish that plagues the web. Strange, funny and powerful art, true to the artist's strong and gritty style.
Let's have a look at another goody from his store:

This one pays homage to James Baldwin and it's a shirt that tells the truth. Visit JohnJenn70 on zazzle and discover more artful, disturbing truths.
[John has an excellent blog on  Afro-American comics, art and culture called Black Comix. Don't miss out on that!]


Bags and drugs

First it makes you smile, then it makes you think. The cute, childlike doodle that adorns this pretty tote bag can be read in two ways. The first message is quite obvious: in case of mugging you'll have to let go or else you'll end up like the stick figure. The underlying one is more thought provoking -and it's a message that every alcoholic or addict knows in his heart: watch out brother, the monkey on your back is gonna bring you to your knees and drag you hard enough to lose sight of your life.
Great idea from Underdog Graphics and their zazzle store, Graphics911. Smile, be aware and let go of hurtful things, people!


Jeans and tango

Two pairs of jeans up against each other, dancing a minimal tango -bodiless embodiment of dance, life and homosexual love. It's not often you'll find such a graceful concept as this found in Montdragon's greeting card. His design tangoes on, being funny, sexy and (in a sense) philosophical.


Still rock'n'roll to me

Hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk, you have to like it, provided you are a rock'n'roll kind of person. And if you are, then this great collage from Urban Cowboy is just right for you. Cool design, fresh imagery and a statement about your favorite music. Nice way to start the day -I say!


Color vomiting

Vibrant colors look nice on black t-shirts, clouds and rainbows make oh-so-happy concepts, but this design manages to mix them up in a really weird manner! Is the cartoon cloud happy when it pukes a colorful rainbow? Has someone been drinking too much rain?
It looks like Dark Driver has come up with a surprising mixture of cute and offensive with this one. And, guess what, I like it!


Cheesy iPhone

Can you believe this? The camp value of this Swiss cheese iPhone case is so extreme that I'm getting jealous! A brilliant idea that'll make your iPhone the craziest gizmo in sight.
Created by graphic designer Ron Sumners, it shows his unique talent in using photography in unexpected ways.


Top 10 Zazzle Room Designs

Since opening the door to a new year, I've been thinking about some interesting room-themed artwork that's been in my favorites. Being the kind of person that I am (and this being the kind of blog that it is!) I thought that a thematic list concerning rooms and chambers would be a nice way to start 2011. I searched -so you wouldn't have to- and I'm presenting you with the best designs about rooms that has to offer. Yes, the list is highly subjective but I believe it will satisfy your strange tastes!


A room where inanimate objects convey the mysteries of creative process. An excellent print from Double Agent, a master of strange and dadaist rooms.


I love the red chair on this art card and the serene, nostalgic mood of the room. The artist is painter Jilly Ballantyne from Scotland.


This room has a balcony with a nice view. It exists in the wonderful paper universe of LucaLuca, a unique artist we've visited before.


A card with a great photograph of a pool room in Tennessee, from StarLilly. Can you taste the beer?


This drawing from 1894 informs us that "Your chambers are invaded". A fine card from our old acquaintance, the astonishing Segrid.


A minimalist painting of a TV in what appears to be a tent. Strange mood and a Twilight Zone feeling in this poster, compliments of Zekey Spacey Lizard,


New York City's history becomes palpable in this b/w poster of the Registry Room on Ellis Island (plus, a fine frame within a frame instance of the Statue of Liberty). From CaptainIfr's photography store.


An empty conservatory in vibrant colors that makes a striking poster. Nice drawing from the talented M.Hamilton.


Inside a restroom, where the urinals form an alien tiki procession! Interesting photography from Skaljac.


A shaded relief from the hot sun in a room full of windows. Architecture and photography combined in this poster from Merlin's Magic.

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