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This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


Ice cream and cats

Luca Ionescu
Luca Ionescu "Ice Cream" by lucaionescu
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The somehow hairy look makes this ice cream even more delicious! We may be in the middle of winter but such a great design cannot wait until summer to be properly appreciated. Made by the hands of Luca Ionescu (and found in his Zazzle store), designer, motion graphics director and overall creative man. His work is the ultimate proof that one color is enough to astonish people -provided you have Luca's talent, of course...
His Fat Cat poster is a study in simplicity. It reminds me of both the "fat cat in a top hat / thinks he's an aristocrat" verse from The Doors's Break on through (the Absolutely Live! version) and the Scat Cat from Disney's The Aristocats. Clear, well-thought lines make this design almost emblematic.
Luca Ionescu runs Like Minded Studio and publishes Refill magazine.

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