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This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


Obama pops

In times of increased political hoopla it's very common to see countless designs featuring the faces and/or names of politicians. Most of these designs are rubbish but every now and then someone comes up with a true gem.

That's the case with this t-shirt that popifies President Barack Obama in a simple, striking manner. I've been waiting for a politically neutral time to present you with this one, and I think it captures the very mechanisms that transform a man into a cultural phenomenon. He may not prove to be as long-lasting as Che, but then again who is? (Except Elvis, Mickey Mouse and Lenin, of course!)

Kudos to Chris Jackson (you'll find this t-shirt on his Siegeworks store) for taking the spirit of the times and adding some glitter to it!

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