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Radioactive days

Our eyes and hopes are focused on Japan and the stricken but courageous Japanese people that face yet another danger: the nuclear crisis at Fukushima. There is a race against time going on and I'm optimistic that they will succeed in avoiding further disaster. The situation is still considered grave but they have begun injecting freshwater into the reactor cores.

Unfortunately,  three workers of the plant were exposed to highly radioactive water (two of them are in hospital for treatment). This brings back the memory of the heroes of Chernobyl, the workers that sacrificed their own lives to keep their fellow human beings as safe as possible. Let's pray they are the last martyrs of such a disaster.

The aftermath of Fukushima may well be that there's no such thing as a free meal for our energy hunger: nuclear power is, once again, highly criticized and people started talking fervently about the benefits of pollution-free sources of energy.

In the meantime, the emissions of radioactive iodine and caesium are reaching levels approaching those of the Chernobyl accident. This is a matter of worldwide importance and there aren't any superheroes to save us from our choices and the monsters they have evoked.

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