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This is a journey to the best designs in the world of Handpicked and presented (along with my own artwork) by yours truly, the driving force behind Surreality designs. We'll discover great artists and special products -mostly with a taste for the eccentric. But let us not confine ourselves in specific genres: the possibilities are endless and so is the great art one can find at Zazzle.


The past that never was

Ah, the beauty and the glory of old time travel posters! More often than not, they offer exquisite illustrations and superb lettering. But the charm lies mainly in the depiction of a world that's not only gone for ever but that never really existed in the first place. When traveling was difficult and expensive, television didn't exist and photographs of faraway places were rare, the imagination of those illustrators and graphic artists had to convey the very essence of a foreign land -as perceived by the clientele they had to reach.
I think there never was a Greece such as this one, or a Jamaica such as this next gem:
Both posters are excellent works of art, yet both are picturing a truth that lived only in the collective dreaming of their times! Both, and many as beautiful as these, can be found at Zazzle Vintage, alongside countless retro stuff.

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